Testimonials submitted from previous adopters...

August 2, 2006
When my husband and I finally decided to adopt a boston terrier, I began a search for local breeders, places for adoptions, etc. I quickly learned that I wanted to adopt from a rescue, rather from a breeder...so many wonderful dogs are out there who are in need of loving homes. It was only when stumbling upon the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue that our lives would be changed forever. My husband and I took advantage of looking through the available rescues on the MWBTR website that were pictured with descriptions. We found the descriptions of each dog were very helpful for determining which BT would fit best into our home and life. Upon narrowing down our choices, we completed an application and were soon contacted for a home-visit. We were impressed with the careful process MWBTR took in reviewing potentional homes for the adoptees. When our home was approved and we had a chance to discuss our desired adoptee, Duey, with his foster mother, we made arrangments to pick up our new fur-baby! We fell in love with Duey at first sight and he has been a cherished member of our family ever since. He quickly made himself comfortable under the bed covers, on the couch, and in our laps. Duey has made alot of changes from when we first adopted him...he was underweight, somewhat nervous at times (though always a little stinker), and was working on not marking in the house. The marking ended almost immediately and Duey quickly adjusted to his new home...he is now a mama's boy and our "little piglet." We thoroughly enjoy his BT 500's, cuddliness and playfulness. We are very thankful that the MWBTR exists...for helping us and others find companion animals who are truly in need of a home!

Katie Rajski
DUEY - Midwest Alumni, Class of 2005

July 11, 2006
To the folks at Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue:
Until we adopted Peter, we had never had a dog we hadn't raised from "puppy-hood". We watched the website for more than a year, just thinking about the possibility of finding an addition to our family, one that would mix well with our 10-year old, very Alpha girl. Frankly, we worried about behavior problems, health problems, and weren't sure about getting into something we couldn't handle. Also, the "fit" would have to be just right and we didn't want our Molly to feel pushed aside by a new dog. Then, one day, we saw a dog that tugged at our hearts and sent the application in that very day. We were impressed from the beginning with the process and it became very clear that your organization's goal is truly to find the best home for each dog. The original dog that pulled at us turned out not to be a good match for our family and I was so appreciative of that foster mother's honesty when we spoke. But when we saw Peter's information, we had a feeling that he was meant for us! After talking with his wonderful, loving foster mom, we were even more certain that this was our boy! Our visit to the foster home confirmed this and we brought him home, where he quickly slid into our routine-and into our hearts. When we took Peter to our vet for the first time, she said she had never gotten such comprehensive information from any other rescue organization with which she has dealt. Way to go MWBTR! When we first let MWBTR know of our interest in Peter, we were frantic that someone would be given "our dog" before we had a chance to get to meet him. Imagine our surpise then when the foster mom told us that she was worried that no one was going to want him because he was "older" and happens to have lost the sight in one eye. She indicated that many people prefer the younger dogs. We actually were looking for a dog just his age (7) and his temperment (way laid-back!). Thank you for your dedication to all these Bostons who are in so need of loving families. Our experience with this adoption was a great one and we would urge anyone who wants to add to their family to consider adopting as an option. And don't overlook a dog who is a little older and maybe has a little problem. Peter came into rescue following the death of his owner and a few "rough" months when he didn't receive the care he needed. He hadn't done anything wrong, just lost his home and needed to find another. He is so easy to love-and gives love in return. Thank you again for all your help in bringing us together.

Shirley and Doug Endicott
PETER - Midwest Alumni, Class of 2006

July 3, 2006
To whom it may concern,
I adopted one of Sasha's puppys in March. Since I found this site around that time I have frequently visited to check on all the dogs and your accomplishments as an organization. I am amazed by your commitment to these dogs well being. I would very much like to see a testimony page to your site because I know I would brag about how wonderful I think you are!!! Many people I know adopt dogs. (15 people I work with adopted a pet between Feb and April alone - we have a dog wall in our lunch room now!) Talking to many of these friends 1 thing is for certin...we all wanted to adopt from a trusting foster care. What better way to let the public hear about you than from your adopting parents - who I am sure all agree that you can trust MWBTR to be honest about and careful with your future baby. Hope that I see this added sometime and good luck with all the dogs!

Andrea - Oxford, MI
CASH - Midwest Alumni, Class of 2006 (F.K.A. SETH)

July 3, 2006
Hello BT and Canine Lovers In General!!
This is our 2nd adopted Boston thru MWBT Rescue. What a great group of people, devoted to the health and welfare of animals. Dogs are fostered, and up to date on all shots prior to adoption (if old enough) and their traits and temperament are presented honestly. The network of people and volunteers is awesome. All questions are answered and handled. Prices for adoption are upfront and paperwork handled very professionally. The website is a great help, describing each dog without bias. This is a safe and friendly group, and I hope others will find that adopting a BT from Midwest is really more than a transaction, they become family.

The Marchek Family, MI
BUSTER - Midwest Alumni, Class of 2006

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