We Gratefully Acknowledge Memorial Donations made to Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue.

In memory of Della Doogan

From: Julie Jawor

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In memory of Jiggs Schonfield

From: Emily Van Norden
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In memory of John Fenner.

David and Joan Fenner
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In memory of Beth Hansen, knowing you has made me a better person, a better nurse and (shockingly) a dog lover and owner!! Knowing you has made my heart bigger! Rest in peace my friend.

Cara Bielawski
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In memory of John Fenner, a true dog lover.

Jane Krastel
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Contribution in honor of Jonnie Geis & Mitzi

Carmen Ator
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In memory of John W. Fenner.

Louise T. Fenner
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In memory of John Fenner.
A wonderful and gifted teacher – a lover of dogs – a loyal brother. What more can one say? May his soul rest in peace as God assures us it will.
Jeffrey Porterfield
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In Honor of Gordon “Shorty” McQuown.
Steven and Tami McGraw, Pat McQuown, Kathleen Karl, Patricia Witherell, J.C. and S.A. Accardi, Dr. Wilma H.Miller, Joanne and Timothy Glancy
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We miss you, our precious Penny. Your memory will live on in our hearts. You were truly the sweetest dog. There will never again be a face as sweet as yours…Love, Day, Mom and Annalynn
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Yahzee was our precious boy who started us in rescue. He was such a gentle soul and will always have a special place in our hearts. We miss you Yahzee bozzy bear.  Day, Pat and Annalynn.
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In memory of John Japuntich who loved Boston Terriers
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In memory of Mike Greene
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In memory of Cosmo loved and adored by Patty Hascal and her family. RIP Cosmo
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All in memory of E. Jerry Green who adored and loved Chrissy, a boston terrier for 8 years
Remembered by Mr David Green, Milan and Arline Pohovey, Chris and Kristy Schipani, Bob and Peg Nikolai,
Sharon Stoty, Timothy J Aleck, Loreto and Lourdes Bersamin, Peter and Judith Schwarz, Denise and David Green
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In memory of Rambo Eder – the Boston who helped start Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue. You are greatly missed.
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In memory of Elaine Bridges and for the honor of all the hard work that Beth Alvis does for rescued animals!
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In memory of Romeo. ~ Susan Mills Barrett
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In memory of my beloved Boston Terrier, “Elmer”. I miss you desperately my sweet boy. Until we meet again, Mom. ~ Mary Collopy
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In memory of our beloved Shadow ~ Bret and Kathy Row
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In Memory of Odie Dogust: He was a little sweetheart, mild-mannered, gentle, and a perfect companion who would dance upon your arrival home, rest his head on your foot, and do victory laps in excitement! His time with us was achingly short, he will always be missed, loved, and remembered. Love, your Humans, Ethan and Ryan.
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In memory of Beth Marchek. ~ Pat and Sharon Drummond, Lori and Mariusz Kuchta, Jim and Andrea Hoeft, friends and colleagues at Lewsley & Ferro Legal operations, Tom Kulpa, Laura Bouwkamp, and Helen P Bonner.
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In memory of Beep Potter who passed away from cancer at the age of 11 yrs. Nov.21, 2011 We miss you lovey. ~ Nancy Potter
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In memory of Mocha Fudge. ~ Diane Iverson
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In memory of Tao Whirling, our beloved Boston Terrier. ~ Mark Thompson
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In memory of Grand Aunt Wanda Ellen Higgins, a great lover of Boston Terriers.
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In memory of Mito. ~ Lisa and Brian Pelton
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In memory of Tao Thompson. ~ Marilyn Farran
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In memory of Nemo. ~ Janice Szostak
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In memory of little Nemo, from Ravin and Finn (Nismo)
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In memory of Dan and Valerie Costello’s sweet boy, Ziggy, and his unconditional love. ~ Kathleen Costello
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In Memory of Richard Hoskins and his Boston Terrier “Buffy”. ~ Barry B. Hoskins
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To help Nikki in memory of Emma from her “cousin” Tailer “Sweetheart” Wanner. ~ Janette Wanner
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In honor of Purky (“pup”) Duncan. May she rest in peace. ~ James Duncan

In the memory of Nellie Felix, known as Nellie Bellie. ~ Terry Todzonia

In memory of Carmen Kaper, grandmother of Amazing Grace Kelly. ~ Donna F. McLean

In Loving Memory of Janet Nesbit. ~ Linda Fergusen, Phyllis and Bill Barrett, Lane and Denny Families, L Rochelle Bray, Phyllis Barrett, Jody J Sherry L Williams, Andrew Garcia, Timothy James Graham, Mrs Nancy C Rogers, Thomas and Doris Kirschner, and Geneva George.

In Loving Memory of Gene William Cronewett. ~ Sheila Laribee, Jean Huffman, and Thomas and Sally Baum.

In Loving Memory of MAGGIE, on the wings of angels Maggie will ride to the gates of heaven. She’ll do her little ‘Maggie Spin’ with pure delight and anticipation….and my heart will be so full it will break with the memories of 10 beautiful years together…God speed my sweet girl…in the blink of the eye of time we’ll be together again. ~ The Hascall Family

In Loving Memory of BINKY, owned and loved by The Duncan Family

In Loving Memory of OTIS, owned and loved by Darren and Libby Brink. ~ Deanna Thompson, Mary Louise Birks

In Loving Memory of SADIE, owned and loved by Michelle and John Folkertsma

In Loving Memory of Virginia Sue Heringer. Sue was very active in the Riverside-San Diego area Boston terrier rescue: “Boston Brigade Rescue” and will be missed by many. God Speed Sue, I miss you. ~ Gwen Eder

In Loving Memory of Stephanie and Rosey. Love, Tom Erkenswick

In Loving Memory of Kathleen Lander. Love, her Daughter, Becky Hill

In Loving Memory of SAVANNAH. ~ Sara Krepp

In Loving Memory of Joy Mitchell. ~ the Frank J. Mitchell family

In Memory of JOJO, a very sweet and special Boston gal who will be missed. ~ Catherine Burland

In Memory of STEVE, a beloved, devoted, and faithful friend. He was a special little fellow whose spirit will always be with me. ~ Brock Rumer

In Memory of Eugene James. ~ Rosemary and George Rudd, Walter and Shirley James, Debbie Baker, Cheryl Spyker and Jim Morris, Vi Pierson, Mary Miller, Lori Moore, Ron and Pat Hiscock, Tara Jo Kaiser, Jack and Lynn Zeiler, Jeff and Sherrie Nowicki, Joe Nowicki Sr, Francis Fair, Eugenia Kent, Barb Betty and Alice Dobmowolski, Richard Chandler, John and Caroline Realfow, Jean Fran Lori and Mary Miller, Joanne and Dennis Stasiak, Gary, Brenda and Jason, Candelaria and Ashley Ollis, Jim and Debbie Kauszler, Terry and Linda Baker, Cindy and Bob Tuesley, Michelle and Dennis Shoesmith

In Memory of ROSIE and RUDY. They were much loved! ~ John and Candie Dinger

In Memory of LUCY HOPE, a little girl with a very big heart. You are sorely missed. Love, Day, Pat, Annalynn and all the Parker dogs.

In loving memory of ROSIE. She was a wonderful little dog who gave a great deal of happiness. Love, Milt and Nancy Hoskins, David and Joycine Inverso

In loving memory of my Mama, LAURIE. You will be missed. Love your boy, Cooper and your friends at

In loving memory of our sweet PEGGY SUE. You will be greatly missed. We love you very much.
Luv, Mommy and Daddy Jackson

In loving memory of SUGAR. We love and miss you and know you’re in heaven playing with Gracie. Love, Sean, Terri, Bailey, Molly and Honey Soo

In loving memory of JOY MITCHELL, friend of ROCKY. ~ Dennis Horan, Norma Dillard, Steve Mitchell, Michael Squires, Brad Criswell, April and Bud Brancamp, Carol, Scarlett and Marion Ayers, Greg Fischer, Jon Myers, Douglas or Lori Memering, Marcia Hall, Kevin and Laura McCracken, Ron and Betty McIntosh, Greg and Jeanetta Prescott, Steve and Cindy Green, Bea Green, Adam, Cindy, Hannah and Blake Conley, Brad and Missy Tempest, Holly and Brian Mitchell, The McWhorter Family, Robert and Susan Johnson, Beverly and Harold Adams, the guys of the Machining Lab, the Office Committee Union area reps, her friends at the Shire of Cuil Choluim, the CTC Green Team and the Midrange group, and the good people at the Cummins’s Tech Center

In loving memory of CLARA BELLE. ~ Deni Snyder Burton

In loving memory of SCOOTIE-PIE. ~ Mary (Maire), Paul, Georgia, and Snickers

In loving memory of ZOE. ~ Jo Ann MacKenzie

In loving memory of Vivian’s ZUZU. ~ Michelle Coen, Corey Werrbach, Christine Slemmer and Shelby Jones

In loving memory of Helen Carlson, dear Grandmother of Denise and Dale Yoder. You will be missed.

In loving memory of Stephanie Huguelet. You were an awesome woman with a wonderful heart. We will miss you and your rescue efforts here at Midwest. God Bless you. ~ Sheila Wolf

In memory of Jackie Martin, BT lover and “mom” to Rudy and Lamont, who passed before her and were waiting at the bridge. Now you are all together again. We love you Jackie. We will see you again with all your fur kids.

In memory of RAYMOND, a very sweet and gentle soul who gave me many smiles and memories in the recliner. I miss your floppy little ears. See you at the bridge, dear boy. Love, Pat Parker and Family

In honor of SHADY. ~ Kee Edwards and Todd Wender, Brooke Nipar, Carly Chappell, Ellen Wagner, Monica Escobar, Kerri and Bonnie at Koko Represents, Aubri Balk, Ronan Nagle, Ben Starkman, Kristin Moore-Gantz, Laura Lagatta, Barbara and the Staff of Bloomingdale’s Studio Services, The Staff of Albright Inc., Nadine and the Staff of Odds Costumes, Sean Reilly at Mugsy, Ron and Renee at Edit One, Audie Umali, Pablo Olea at People’s Revolution, Roger and Mauricio Padilha at MAO PR, Kristina Wilson, Tony Notarberardino, Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein, Gino Gianneschi, Donna Stokes, Misha Maher, Nicole Haase, Alison Horn, Jennifer Wilson, Tony Yumul, Ginger Griffice, Rudy and Kellan Archuleta, Ann Lee Caceres and Roseanne Vecchione

In memory of CJ and Reva Hutson, who adopted Dickie from MWBTR many years ago. Remembered by Sue Hutson, Mary Noud, Connie Klunder, Kenneth and Sueann Walz, and Judge Farms

In loving memory of our Uncle Danny Smith. With love from Angie, Melody, and Rick

In memory of HAMMIE, who passed on Monday, September 22, 2008. ~ Kristen Keegan, Jacqueline Price

In loving memory of Rascal Calderon. Our furry friends touch our lives in so many ways. ~ Your friends at CHRRG, Karissa, Julie O., Katie, Cathy, and Mel

In memory of BRUTUS, our beloved Boston Terrier who gave the best Boston kisses. We miss you. ~ Mark, Libby and Zak Kempe

In memory of Betty Gunther.

In loving memory of BUTCH, a dear sweet boy who lived his last few weeks loved very much. Love, Day, Pat, Annalynn and foster brothers

In memory of Armond Anthony Hansen ~ American Boston Terrier Rescue

In memory of my father, Armond Anthony Hansen. Love, Patricia Hascall

In honor of Tina Griffen. ~ Pat and Bob Gregory

In loving memory of IRVING, who was only with us a few short hours. See you at the bridge dear boy. Love, Day, Pat and Annalynn Parker

In memory of RASCAL. ~ John and Karen Schankin

In memory of Debi and David Szots’ Ruby. ~ The Bunce Family

In memory of BRANDI. ~ Cathy and Thomas Dix

In loving memory of BELLA. ~ Patricia Hascall

In loving memory of OTTO, loved dearly by owners Brian and Debbie Cors. ~ George Hotelling

In loving memory of CRAZY DAISY. We will miss you. You were a beautiful old girl, very patient and loving. You were with us for too short a time. We will see you at the Bridge sweetheart. Love; Day, Pat, Annalynn and all your fur fosters

In loving memory of MAGGIE MAY. – 11/20/2007. Show us the way to find her peace. To not grieve on our hands and knees. For she has found the greatest gift Angel wings have given her a heavenly lift. ~ Maria and Steve Fazio

In loving memory of Harley. – 2007. All the love in the world could not heal you, but we sure did try. You will live in our hearts forever. You gave new light to fostering and rescue. Your sweetness, gentle eyes, forgiving nature and playfulness is missed daily. We love you Harley, enjoy good health and carefree days without pain and suffering. Till we meet again. Your loving foster family and BT Brothers ~ The Marcheks

In loving memory of Sammy. I miss you so much, wait for us at the bridge. ~ Roy and Max

In loving memory of Barky Sparky. Barky, You were only with us a short time, but you gave us SUCH joy. It was an honor to be able to love you and “talk” to you each night. We miss you SOOOO much. Love you honey, Day, Pat, Smudge, Yahzee and Buster

In loving memory of Liza Jane, a beautiful girl who brought love and joy to all those around her. She will never be forgotten by those who loved her. Love, Lois Jordan, Leona Ray, Michelle Applebaum and Ruth Applebaum

In loving memory of Pops. You are greatly missed. Love, Gwen

In loving memory of Petey. Petey we loved you. Please be at peace. ~ Allison, Gwen, Jim and Lisa

In loving memory of Frances Kay Wroblewski. Rossi and Ken miss you so much.

In loving memory of Frances Kay Wroblewski. You’ll be missed. ~ Julie Spedale

In loving memory of CJ Parkes. CJ, we miss you dearly. We have fond memories of all the joy you provided us. You made our house a home. Wishing you Peace. Love, your Dad, Richard and Mom, Karen

In loving memory of CJ Parkes. You’ll be missed. ~ Margaret Moss

In loving memory of our Boston Maddi. You’ll be missed. ~ Owners Lynn and Mary

In loving memory of our Boston Beanie. You were loved dearly. ~ Barbara and Joseph Gaither

In loving memory of our Boston Bruiser, loved dearly by Mark and Maureen Sturgis.
“The misery of keeping a dog is his dying so soon. But, to be sure, if he lived for 50 years and then died, what would become of me?” – Sir Walter Scott

In loving memory of our Boston Frank, loved dearly by owner Laurie Brands. ~ Claudia Krueger, Power Paws Dog Club

In loving memory of my good Friend Joe Janesh, who deserves so much more in his new life. You are truly missed. ~ Pamela Warren

In loving memory of our Boston Samantha. Joe and I loved you dearly. ~ Pamela Warren

In loving memory of my Boston Duke. You were the start of it all…BT Rescue. Love, Gwen Eder

In loving memory of my Boston Mickey. You are truly missed. Love, Gwen Eder

In loving memory of our Boston Ivy Hill’s Full of Beans. Beanie went to the Bridge on April 15, 2006 at the age of 13. He left a hole in the hearts of his owners Dave and Lorrie. This is in memory for them. ~ Diane McLaughlin and Kelly Ladouceur

In loving memory of our Boston Bella. You are truly missed. Love, Beth Marchek

In loving memory of our Boston Putter. Love, Frank and Shannon Hill

In loving memory of Tim Thompson. Love, Danielle and Brendan Thompson

In loving memory of Mikey. Love, Danielle and Brendan Thompson

In loving memory of our Boston Chad. Love, Lisa Pelton

In loving memory of Rita Darling, creator of the Wagtime Band and a friend to Boston Terriers around the world. God Speed Rita. You will be sorely missed.

In loving memory of Doris Sharpe, known for her love of Boston Terriers. ~ Michelle and Brian Sharpe • Dennis and Linda Johnston • Claudette and Tom Clement, Allan and Karen Colcernain • Erna and Frank Dziewit • Doris Kurz • Norene and David Ketelhut

In loving memory of Zena Beana, our sweet dancing BT. She brought us great joy during her short life. Our hearts and home are lonely without her. ~ Richard, Debbie, and Sam Cubberley and BT Sister MimiGrace

In loving memory of Moxie, who was loved dearly. ~ Dan Sicko and Amy Lobsiger

In loving memory of Flash, who was owned by Mark Warbuton. ~ Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails PLC.

In loving memory of our boy Tee-Tucker. We miss you terribly. Luv, Mommy and Daddy Jackson

In loving memory of Waldo, who will forever live in our hearts. ~ Skip and Pam Phifield

In loving memory of Evelyn R. Misener. Evelyn really appreciated your services in placing her Boston Terrier to a good home when she could no longer handle him. Thank you. ~ Don Misener

In loving memory of Pebbles ~ Gwen Eder

In loving memory of my Grandmother and Gigi ~ With love from Ed

In loving memory of Oonta, our 13 year old BT who went to be with Ollie on Dec. 29th. Oonta was with us her entire life. Chris taught her how to nurse. She is in a better place now. ~ Chris Richards and Tadd Garey

In loving memory of Pork Chop Starnes ~ Sandy, Larry and Jay Zuckerman

In loving memory of Olive Oyl ~ Margaret Balanowski, Popeye and Candy

In loving memory of Bella, a beautiful Boston who brought love and joy to all those around her. Although her life was brief, she will never be forgotten by those who loved her. ~ Annette Davis