Medical Needs

Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue rescues Boston Terriers in IN, IL, OH, & MI. We have a lot of dogs up for adoption but we also have a lot of special needs dogs and dogs facing costly surgeries before they can be ready for adoption. These are just a few of the many dogs who need your help and support. You see, we don’t turn them away, even when they are ill. Please help us continue to save Boston Terriers! Your donations are tax deductible.

Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
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EMMA – Neurological issue and is incontinent

Emma is only 1 year old and is crate trained but will help on house training. She needs someone who will be patient with her. Emma likes cats, dogs, and kids. She is still very much a puppy so she can jump up and play rough at times. But she is just a baby girl that’s learning. Would you like to help me learn?

MOJITO – incontinent, hoping to send to a specialist

Mojito/Rex is only 4 lbs and 4 months old. He has a prolapsed rectum that doesn’t seem to be correctable with surgery but we are still exploring options to help this little guy. He has a great spirit and loves to play. Please help us get this little guy healthy.
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Pip has a neurological condition that makes him incontinent and unable to walk. He also has an extra vertebrae in his back, but surgery will not change anything. He wears diapers/belly bands when in the house and will need a wheelchair to move about freely. He currently hops/scoots to get around. He can move his back legs but he cannot control them. Laser therapy and water therapy are treatments that might help.


UPDATE: Sadly, Walter passed away during his leg amputation surgery on Friday. One of the valves on his heart were extremely small and he went into cardio arrest during his procedure. We are heartbroken as we tried so hard to save this amazing Boston. We are left with his surgery invoice of over a grand. Thank you for any help and hugs to Walter at the Rainbow Bridge. We loved you Walter sweetie.

Walter is having his leg amputated on Friday, June 14th. He has a severe dislocated fracture that keeps slipping every time he moves.
He zips around on three legs just fine so we’re confident he’ll adjust.

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