Medical Needs

Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue rescues Boston Terriers in IN, IL, OH, & MI. We have a lot of dogs up for adoption but we also have a lot of special needs dogs and dogs facing costly surgeries before they can be ready for adoption. These are just a few of the many dogs who need your help and support. You see, we don’t turn them away, even when they are ill. Please help us continue to save Boston Terriers! Your donations are tax deductible.

Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
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Forest will be having a surgery to correct his shoulders so his legs work properly. 

Help cover the costs of over $3,000+ to give this little guy a great life where he can run around and enjoy having his legs fixed. 


Tyson IN746

Tyson was rescued in February 2020 and was in rough shape. He is in congestive heart failure. 

After a specialist visit with chest x-rays and an ultrasound of his heart we were delivered the sad news that his condition is inoperable. It turns out a heart valve no longer functions correctly and his pulmonary arteries are hardened beyond repair. We are seeing some success with injectable lasix treatment and hope to give him the best care possible until his life ends way too soon. 

Help us cover Tyson’s $3,210 in medical expenses and continue to provide him love & care in his final days on this earth. Donate directly to his fund using any credit/debit card or PayPal. Or visit his fundraising GivingGrid page.


Sully was found as a stray in Indiana.  He had a very large tumor on his rear end.  We provided him with a dental, tumor removal surgery, neuter, and shots among other things.  His medical expenses have reached $600.

Medical Needs Sully IN745


Elsa MI889 is one of Lucy Lew’s pups, part of “Lucy’s Crew”.  We have been trying very hard to rescue Elsa from her breeder for over a year and were finally successful!! She is in our hands now and we have been giving her the medical treatment she so dearly needs.  Firstly, she has lost all vision in her eyes and they were in such horrific shape that we had to have them removed.  She also provided her with much needed dental, shots and a neurological consultation given some of her concerning movements. Her neurology checked out and she is now being lovingly fostered in Michigan.  But now we need your help in covering her almost $2,000 of vet bills!  Join Lucy’s Crew and sponsor Elsa today! 


Meet old man Harley! He is 14 years old and found as a stray. MWBTR rescued him when no one came to bring him home from the shelter.
He has an enlarged heart, poor dental, partially blind and deaf with various sized masses on his body. Given his age and medical condition, he is a forever foster. Meaning, his foster family focuses on giving him love and attention, while MWBTR covers his medical expenses. His heart medication to combat his 4/5-grade heart murmur is $100 a month for the rest of his life. Old man Harley is full of life and love. Visit his fundraiser on Facebook and help us give him the best final chapter of his life possible.
Medical needs Harley IL674